SANTSAI has been specializing in the field of injection molding and automation, digging deeper and pushing the envelope in utilizing its technology for a wide variety of applications since its parent company inauguration in 1994.

In an era where efficiency and environmental consciousness go hand in hand, SANTSAI MACHINERY is proud to introduce a transformative solution in material handling - our state-of-the-art Central Conveying System. Engineered for excellence, this system is not just an addition to your production line; it's a leap towards the future of industrial operations.

With the intensification of market competition, most packaging industries have stricter requirements on food safety, especially for food packaging industry, Such as …

Sensor Electroprobe Digital Display Trumpet Light Pipel Other Cases Other Cases More sector Application cases as follow.

Other Cases More sector Application cases as follow. 

With the wide use of mold turning machines in the factory, the types of turning machines are also diverse, so how should …

All electric injection molding machines have been on the market for decades now, and there are many benefits in utilizing all electric …

  PET Bottle Solution Injection Molding machine for PET Preform and CAP Blow molding machine for Bottle Conclusion SANTSAI MACHINERY can provide a …

Navis Electric injection molding machine with High-efficiency and high injection speed. Meanwhile, Energ-saving features. SANTSAI is Favored by customers from laptop, mobile …

Benefits & Features •Combine the three functions of Drying, Dehumidifying and Conveying into one. Also can make the equipment convey the materials …

Other Cases More sector Application cases as follow.

Other Cases More sector Application cases as follow. 

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