1000 Two Platen Injection

Item No.: CF1000
Capacity: 600Ton~3200Ton
Energy Saving
Stable & Precise
Strong & Durable
Competitive Price
Description Specs Cases
>High Quality >High Efficiency >High Precision >Energy-Saving
>With the trend of low carbon environmental protection, the plastics industry is progressing faster and faster. The features of being multi-cavity, light weight, and fast cycle have already been the demand of plastics industries for the injection molding machine. Two Platen Injection Molding Machine Can be the choice for you.
Designed Point 1: Clamping Unit
>Large space between tie bar long distance of opening stroke, which is especially good for products with big or deep size.
>The exact design of clamping unit makes it easier for installation, even decreased 25% area of installation.
>Reducing the product deformation by the design of four force-balanced cylinders.
>Fast time of pressurization accurate control of clamping pressure, especially suit for compression molding.
>Optimizing the pivoting clamping by 3D dynamic simulation and CAE analysis.
Designed Point 2: Injection Unit
>The high rigid linear guideway realizes its function of lower resistance and ensures the injection unit stable and durable.
>Accurate injection unit of high speed response time within 0.1 second, and repetition within 0.1 percent.
>Proportional valve on the screen control the back pressure for highly precise production.
>High toque hydraulic motor achieves the effective response for various resin.
>The injection unit is stable and accurate by applying double cylinders.
Designed Point 3: Hydraulic Unit
> Safety door controlled by servo system, ifs stable, safe and responding immediately.
> Quick and stable die height adjustment, which saves time for exchange of mold
> Different from traditional proportional pump, our machine can save 30%~70% power by applying servo system, subject to different kinds of products.
> Responding fast by the design of logical valve.
> Convenient for repairing and maintenance.
Designed Point 4: Electric Unit and Control Panel
Electric Unit
>Completely software calibration function.
>Tolerance of temperature within 0.11),tolerance of position within 0.01 mm, and tolerance of pressure within 0.1 KG.
>The input 48 signal points can be expanded to 120 signal points, the output 24 signal points can be expanded to 120 signal points, AC 16 signal points, and can set I/O signal points according to the needs of customer.
>There is 16 signal points of transducer pressure sensor, maximum 24 signal points of temperature, and the pressure speed can be reach to 8P8F.
>Alarm display when action executing.
>Multi-language support 2 languages(standard) can be upgrade to 10 languages(optional).
>Use USB interface,all programs are updated by USB.
>Made in Taiwan.
Control Panel
>Easy to operate;Clear function on panel;Stable and reliable quality
Designed Point 5: Servo Energy-Saving System(Optional)
>The direct drive connection between the servo motor and the gear pump, provides excellent drive torque giving maximum acceleration and deceleration speeds for all machine functions. The patented drive system is a true advantage for high stability and repeatable molding conditions.
>The servo drive system provides significant cost savings for machine energy consumption compared to traditional hydraulic drive systems.
The consumption of hydraulic oil cooling water is dramatically reduced due to the on-demand control of the servo drive system. Only the required quantity of oil is used during each stage of the machine cycle, which eliminates bypass oil wastage as found in traditional hydraulic systems.







Injection Unit Screw Type   A B C A B *C A B *C A B C
Screw diameter mm 80 85 90 90 100 110 100 110 120 110 120 130
Injection Pressure kg/cm2 2044 1811 1615 1956 1584 1529 1850 1529 1591 2124 1785 1521
Theoretical shot volume cm3 2212 2496 2800 3180 3927 4751 3927 4751 6554 5702 6786 7963
Injection weight(PS) g 1991 2272 2519 2863 3573 4324 3573 4324 5964 5189 6175 7247
oz 71.5 80.1 89 101 126 152 126 152 210 182 216 254
Injection rate cm3/sec 552 623 699 722 892 1080 921 1115 1335 1066 1269 1490
Plasticizing capacity kg/hr 221 371 305 300 390 380 300 356 401 356 401 518
Injection speed mm/sec 110 113 117 111
Screw revolution rpm 160 133 168 140
Clamping Unit Mold clamping force KN 6000 8000 10000 13000
Space between tie-bar mm 960x860 1100x960 1210x1060 1410x1210
Mold Platen size mm 1300x1250 1550x1500 1760x1760 2000x1800
Mold thickness mm 300-900 500-1100 600-1300 650-1400
Max.Open Stroke mm 1800 2300 2800 3000
Mold locating ring mm 150 150 150 150
Ejector stroke mm 220 300 300 350
Ejector Force KN 120 170 200 200



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