Full Electric Pallet Jack 4400 Lbs/ Electric Pallet Truck

Item No.: LLT20
1. CE Certification
2. Capacity:  4400 LBS
3. Fork Size:    27"W x 45"L
4. lowered height: 3.2" and raised height: 7.7"
5. Electric Move, Electric Lift,with Charger and Battery
6. Brushless Motor
7. Automatic parking brake withelectromagnetic brake
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Product Description

Product Features

What are the functions of Electric Pallet Truck?
Ideal for handling bulky heavy materials. Such as, LoadingUnloadingPicking and Transportation etc.
Why option us?
1) Reliability 
·   CE certification
·   Heavy-duty design
2)  Efficiency
·    Unique electric lifting system offers easy operation and lifting.
·    Longer service time by Brushless Motor 48V/30 Ah.( 4 hours fully charged,appr.7 hours used )
·    Turning Radius 58" and round fork tips& tail can be easyused at narrow space.
3)  Ergonomic design
·        Multi-function controller handle with speed control button, slowspeed button, lifting/lowering switch, alarm etc.

4)  Safety and EasyMaintenance
·    Emergency button and anti-collision button ensure the safety ofoperator.
·   Block design, More Easy operate and service.
·   Unauthorized maintenance or training is strictly prohibited.


Product Information
Technical Details

Technical Data

Load Capacity LBS 4400
Load center Inch 24
Operating type Walkie
Max. lifting height Inch 4.5
Fork Length Inch 45
Fork Overall Width Inch 22/27
Driving Wheel Size Inch 8.3/2.8
Bearing Wheel Size Inch 3/2.4
Travel speed(laden/unladen)  km/h  4/4.5
Lift Speed(laden/unladen) mm/s  59/39
Gradeability(laden/unladen) %  6/16
Drive motor KW  DC 0.65
Lift motor KW  DC0.84
Battery voltage/capacity   48V/30Ah




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