Professional plastic injection molding machine and Plastic auxiliary equipment manufacturer (SML) in China with over 25 years export. Offer cheap price and reliable quality.Such as, Injection molding machine, Drying hopper, Granulators, Cooled chiller, Cartesian robot etc.  SANTSAI responsible for export sales, brand "SML","Navis" "KEFAI" and "SANTAI".

2020 SANTSAI Cooperate with DirectIndustry and Toolot Platform 
2019       SANTSAI Internatinal (Branch) increase new bussiness scope about lifting table
2019 SANTSAI's products' series: auxiliary, robot, AE IMM, vertical IMM, automation conveying system
2019 SANTSAI set up
2017-2019 SANTSAI sort out products series
2017 Need use SANTSAI to sale all industrial injection molding equipments to customers
2016 Sale Navis AE IMM to customers
2016 Set up a new company named"Navis"
2015 Set up a new sales team in consideration
2015 All electric IMM team upgrade Japanese brand Kawaguchi
2015 SML sort out new products series
2014 Central conveying system installiert in first customer's workshop
2014 Combination of drying & dehumidifying and conveying face market
2014 Immediately recycling crush has new models
2013 material storange & drying &conveying equipment 
2013 SML team set up all electric IMM project
2010-2013 SML reserch team begin to do central conveying system
2013 Tongji University set up research station in SML
2012 SML win TOP 10 Social Contributions Enterprises
2012 SML win Famous Brand
2011 SML win Benevolent Star
2011 SML win TOP 100 Growth Enterprises
2011 SML win TOP 10 Invovative Enterprises
2010 SML win TOP 10 Growth Enterprises
2010 consistent reliable quality, SML share market cake in China mainland
2005-2010 with 6 years experience, other equipments, like crusher, hopper dryer face to market
2008 SML win first export order
2005.5 SML sell first set loader to customer
2004-2005 SML's first auxiliary equipment face to market
2003 combined with feedback of  auxiliary products from customers, Lu determinated to do improvement
2001-2002 Research many european and taiwan's brand auxiliary equipment
2001 Auxiliary equipment‘s demends increasing, Lu set up SML, decide to manufacture auxiliary
1995 Mr Lu provide IMM parts to Haitian
1994 Mr Lu set up a family owned workshop for making IMM parts
1990S Mr Lu recieve some assemble work 
1960s-70s Many injection molding machine factories set up in China, among them especially Haitian