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How to Option The Right Mold Rotator ?

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Update time : 2021-12-16 22:01:00

With the wide use of mold turning machines in the factory, the types of turning machines are also diverse, so how should users choose the appropriate model for your mold?

Two types mold flipper: 90°/180°

Now turning large mold is safer and quicker. When mold used in horizontal injection molding or die casting machine is to be opened for maintenance, it is required to turn the mold 90°first. Smaller molds are easier to turn 90°,however when the molds are big and heavy, it will be a very risky, time waste and laborious Work.

How to choose the right mold flipper, SANTSAI MACHINERY share points:

1. It is necessary to fully determine the characteristics of the mold ,whether it is flat, which points cannot be stressed, and which sensors should be avoided to demage.

2. Determine the size range of your own molds, buy a mold rotator from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands ton. It is impossible to use only one mold flipper for all mold.The extensiveness of application should be fully considered.


3. The mold turning machine can be Choosed according to the weight of the mold, 1 ton, 2 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons, 10 tons... Of course, the length, width and height of the mold should also be referred to.

 SANTSAI MAHCINERY cn offer you customized table size.

4. Confirm the flip angle of your own mold, whether it is a 90° mold flipping machine, a 180° mold flipping machine, or a specific angle, this is very important, the price gap between them is large, and the method of use is also different.

Operating principle

Mold flipper 90°

Mold flipper 180°

5. The mold flipper is produced by SANTSAI and all can be customized. Of course, there are many relatively standard models to choose. Customers can determine their needs and whether they need to be customized.

As follow:

1)Table Size and Table Shape


3)Special installation-Under Ground

4) Safety Fence and Alarm Light

5)Independent Control Console


6) Safety Light Curtains

In short, the clearer confirmation of your own rotator requirements, the more conducive it is to choose the appropriate model, and the more suitable it will be for subsequent use.


Video Case


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